The forum is mainly for young, aspiring and new entrepreneurs and also people who have a strong determination to be successful. Fully interested in the forum there are things expected of you to know about the forum and what area the forum focuses on.

Because you are new to the forum it is advised to spend a week taking part in the forum like replying to already made topics, see what area people talk about and how well they present themselves while presenting the topics to the public.

We always strive for an environment where you could be free to share your ideas, connect and communicate with people with similar mindset as you.

Here we made a quick list of how to get started in the forum;

Try to login at least once a day

We don’t strive to control every aspect of your life instead we strive for a place where you could come and share your ideas and experience with people with similar mindset as you.

We all assume that you all have time to work or do something that interests you so we don’t want you to spend your whole time in the forum instead we only ask of you to invest a little of your precious time in the forum.

Probably the time we expect you to login would be during the evening/night time if you are busy working during the day or incase you do your work at home you could login anytime you want.

We are not trying to state a rule about what time you should login, no you can login anytime you want and anytime you see fit, what we only want is that at least once in a day please try to login and see what topics interest you and see what you could learn and share about it.

Be free to connect with people

This is a forum which is open to people from different part of the world which means you will see people with different ideas and point of view about a particular topic.

To take part in the forum you need to master the art of being free to express your opinions and ideas with different kinds of people; there are people who loves to share their thoughts and experience with others while there are people who are shy to do so.

We really want you to be free with other members of the forum and take it as a common thing to do. Nobody is going to abuse your idea about a particular topic and incase you don’t feel good about your English, please don’t worry much about that because before any topic or reply is made public we do a thorough check on it and if it needs any adjustment especially in the English or the way it is being presented, we will try to adjust it for you and make sure it is well presented to the public.

Don’t wait for people before you share your ideas and experience

It is a very common thing when you see a particular topic and you have something to talk and share about it but because nobody have yet to reply to it, you decided to abandon it.

Please don’t do such, if you find any topic that interests you and you know you have your own experience you could share about it please don’t wait for people to share their own ideas about it before you share yours.

We don’t want a situation whereby you are hesitating to share your ideas while other people are also hesitating to share their own ideas, such situations we make it hard for us to move forward with our forum.

Please try to be a source of motivation to the other members of the forum by always willing to share your ideas and experience with the members.

Step by step guide into the forum

Here is a step by step guide on how to find your way around the forum. Sorry for the poor graphics, we will update it soon.

   1. Category : Category is a body which contains all our subjects which means depending on the category we can have different subjects in one category.

Currently the category we have now is “Entrepreneurs Mindset” which means everything we will talk about will be on entrepreneurs and people with the mindset to be successful in what they do.

   2. Subject : Subject is under category which means in every forum we must have a subject under the forum category. Subject is a body containing all our topics and posts, so for you to see our forum topics, you have to click on the subject to find out what current topics we have on it.

Currently the subject we have now is “Entrepreneurs Talk” which means under the category “Entrepreneurs Mindset” we have “Entrepreneurs Talk”. More details about our subject “Entrepreneurs Talk” is written under it, you have to read it to know what exactly the subject is all about.

    3. Add Topic : After clicking on the subject, the first thing you would see is “Add topic“. This is available to all members of the forum which means as long as you are a member of the forum you have the advantage of adding your own topic.

When adding a topic to the forum you are expected to read the details about the subject you are adding a topic to and for our new members you are advised not to add any topic until after a week of being in the forum and see how well the forum operates.

   4. Topic : Topic is what you want to discuss with the members of the forum, It could be question valuably presented or any idea you wish to share with the members of the forum which could involve your experience.

Currently we have topic in there which is “What is your thought about Entrepreneurs?” as you can see this is a question which demands the members to share their ideas and experience about entrepreneurs.

When adding a topic you must include your description about that topic which is; why you create the topic and what you hope to get from it.

The current topic we have there which is “What is your thoughts about Entrepreneurs?” also include a description of it. Once you click on the topic you will see the description written below the topic.

Please note : Every new member of the forum is advise to share their own thought and experience about entrepreneurs. This helps us to know who are members are and how to get the forum going. Thank you.

   5. Subscribe for new topics : This is always at the top of every topic inside a subject. This is for members who find a subject interesting or helpful and wish to get updated on the latest topics through their email.

Once you click on it, a confirmation message would be sent to you through the email address you provided confirming your subscription for new topics.

This is the open page of the current topic which is “what is your thought about Entrepreneurs?” which means once you click on our current topic you would be directed to this page.

   6. Reply : This always show up to our guest which means only the members who login would see the full page of the topic.

As for our members who have yet login into the forum and wish to share their ideas about a topic, you just need to click the button below the topic “Reply“.

Once you click in it you would be directed to the login page, fill in your correct username and password then you would be given full access on the topic.

   7. Subscribe for new replies : This is always below the topic and above the topic description. This is only for members who wish to take active part in a particular topic they found interest in and helpful.

Once you click it, a confirmation message would be sent to the email address you provided to confirm your subscription to the latest updates on new replies.

   8. Share button : This is mainly for members who create their own topic and wish to let our members know about it, they can choose to share it to any social platform presented but currently we only have a Facebook Group account.

Once we check the profile of our members and notice some of our members are in a social platform we are not, we would try to create an account on that platform so it would be easy for our members who are in that platform to be notify when a new topic is added.

    9. My Profile: This only shows up after you login into the forum. My Profile is a page where you could configure your profile and add everything you want into it like; your picture, your bio, your website, your occupation, your social media accounts and many more to describe yourself and who you are.

How to reply a topic

This is a page of our topic “what is your thought about Entrepreneurs?” Anybody can gain access to this and be able to reply any topic as long as they are our members and they are login.

    1. This is a box that state the topic you are trying to send your reply to, do not touch this box anytime you are replying to a topic

    2. This is the box where you are expected to write all the ideas you want to share about a particular topic.

    3. Once you are done writing all your ideas and experience about a particular topic, you have to click on the “Add Reply” button to make it public.


We are always looking for new ways to improve our forum and make it helpful to our members but we also need your support in growing and developing our forum, thank you.