Customers Are Your Business So Treat Them Better

Customers are the source and hope of every businesses future, they are the steps to a successful business and a great Entrepreneur. As Entrepreneurs, we all know the purpose of starting up a business is for the customers, we want to give them what they want and gain from them. In every businesses, profit-making is […]

The Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs In Business

  As Entrepreneurs, we are faced with different challenges in business, it’s either we succeed or fail. Business in our world today has become so easy that anybody with a better idea can start an ideal business of his or her own choice. You won’t probably know what you would face until you actually get […]

3 Essential Steps In Formulating A Simple Strategy

  As an entrepreneur, strategy is one of the characteristics that defines who and what an entrepreneur is. A business success is based on how the strategy is carried out nice and effectively. Most times, new business owners get confused on how exactly are they to think of strategy for their business. Before thinking of […]

Various Problems Faced By New Entrepreneurs In Business

Can a business exist without a problem? Problem defines the quality of a business, it determines the success or failure of a business. You want to start a business? Then you must know you can’t escape having a problem to deal with but how do you deal with this problems? Like I normally say, “Starting a […]

Advertising Your Business Without The Help Of Social Media

  Advertising your products is getting people to know about your products and your business, but sometimes this tend to prove difficult for new business owners who actually have no clue of how to start advertising their products. Social media has become an effective means of advertising products and businesses to different people without having […]

Helpful Tips In Making Out Plans For Your Business

A plan is the core founder and stand point of every successful business. As a new entrepreneur you have to think of plans for your business, you have to make plans for your business and you have to make it work. For in every successful entrepreneurs, there is always a plan in the head. A […]

Start With A Plan And Finish Up With A Strategy

Every businesses out there needs a plan to function and you as an entrepreneur needs a strategy to make it come true. I came across a lot of how to start or write a business plan but I noticed it’s mainly for big businesses or companies. It’s really not that helpful for new Entrepreneurs or […]

5 Questions You Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business

Asking yourself these questions before starting your business really means you know what you are after and the reason for your business. Starting a business might look easy from the outside but once you go into it then you would know that business really isn’t as easy as you thought because there are a lot […]

What Is Business?

The word “business” is a common word in our world today which holds a lot of meaning, in fact I can clarify a boy of 8yrs already knows what a business is, so I won’t dwell on that much. Here am going to just talk about it a little. As long as you are doing […]