About Forum

Hello, I am Panc from Entrepreneurship4life website, am using this medium to welcome you to our website whether you subscribe or not, we still welcome and thank you for coming to our website.

I want to create something more special and an environment where like-minded individuals and Entrepreneurs can share and talk about a lot of things relating to business and a lot of more topics which are helpful to growing one another in the entrepreneurial journey and every aspect of our lives.



This forum is mainly for young and new entrepreneurs who are beginning to take the step in their entrepreneurial journey and also people who are trying their best to be successful. A successful entrepreneur is always welcome to the forum if he/she is willing to share his/her experience with the upcoming and young entrepreneurs.

I strive to create an environment fully made up of interested, like-minded individuals, people with mindset of business, people with passion and Entrepreneurs.


This is a free environment and i will not try to control anybody because I really respect the value of freedom but also I hope you could comply with some of our rules which are not haste and will not limit you to anything.


Your freedoms are immerse which means you can and could talk about anything relating to your business life, your passion and also your environment. We are in a free world so you could make use of your freedom to talk about anything you want.

Many people only want an environment where they could only make money and increase their business growth, if you are one of them then I fully understand your mindset because I have once tried that part and knows how it feels like to only want an environment fully made up of thousands of people giving you an opportunity to advertise your business and so on.

You can benefit in this forum in a lot of ways which am sure a lot of people are so smart enough to look for tricks in everything so am only mentioning to you two of the benefits; Connection and Knowledge.

  • Through this forum you can get in contact with lot of more people like you, you could share your ideas with them and through that you could connect with them leading to more engagement with people with the same mindset as you.
  • Through this forum you could gain and increase your knowledge about a lot of things, interesting and inspiring things which really can be helpful to you and make you grow.

Try to take part in the forum, if what you need is not in the topics already made you can create yours and talk a little about it so people can know what you strive for and hope to get.The forum is growing so please do not get discouraged just because of the numbers of people in there and the low-level of the interaction in there. I will keep looking for more interested people to get engaged in there and I will really appreciate it if you could also invite people to join us in there.



  1. Respect each others feeling: This is a forum so people are bound to have different opinions and argue about lot of things due to differences in opinions. Not everyone can always agree to what you say, please try to understand that.
  2. Do not use abusive words: let’s respect each other and respect ourselves, do not use abusive words in the forum because what you think is a simple word can mean something else to the other person.
  3. Do not spam the forum with adverts: Do not spam the forum with what so ever adverts you are offering. There is going to be way to advertise your product and any other thing you want to advertise which I am going to make public once it is ready so for now, please do not spam the forum with your adverts.



As being part of our forum there are a lot of expectations I hope to get from you and for what it is I can assure you that it will not discomfort you in any way and anywhere in your daily life.

  • If what you want is not there yet please do not be discouraged instead of waiting for what you want to be there, try to create the topic you want to talk about.
  • If you make up a topic you would want to talk about or share your opinions on, please try your best to be active on that topic by subscribing to that topic to get the latest replies through your email.
  • It is best to subscribe to the topic you found interest in so you will not miss any latest updates on it but do not worry you would be able to unsubscribe once you lose interest or no longer find it helpful.
  • Try to invite people and close relatives who found interest in what you do to join in the forum. I try my best to bring more people to the forum but I can not guarantee they would want to know you or care about you, so it would be best to bring someone you know as well.
  • Try to be patient with us, I am trying my very best to make this forum helpful, social and educative as I can so please do not abandon us just yet because everyday I am trying my best to bring more improvement and development to the forum.
  • If you have any complaint about the forum please do try to contact us, we are always ready to listen to your point of view and would try our best to look for solutions to it.

Helpful Tips

After fully completing your registration and changing your password, you have to login to take part in the forum.

After you have successfully login to the forum, the next thing to do is go into your profile and check if all the information you filled during registration are correctly stated in there. Try to fill in as much useful information about yourself and most importantly connect your social media accounts to the forum if you want people to get more in contact with you