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As Entrepreneurs, strategy is one of the key fact in growing up your business to success. Strategy might be easy but it’s not when dealing with your business and customers because you know what’s at stake if you failed to make up a successful strategy for your business.

Strategy in business sometimes lead entrepreneurs insane not because they don’t know how to make up a strategy but because that strategy was a failure.

There is this man who is interested in business right from childhood and very hope someday he could make up and create his own business. Well, he finally got the chance when he grew up.

You all know starting a business at first always make people anxious and excited, he just happened to be in that group of people. He became very excited to the point of dreaming about building an empire tomorrow. He thought business is all about building up your brand and getting customers but as he keep going deeper with lot of failures, he knows business isn’t as easy as he thought it was.

So he tried to adjust his mindset from being anxious and excited into being cautious and careful, he already got what he wanted and now it’s time to keep it.

Strategies are what he needs right now, he already had different failures with his former strategies so what he did was try to learn from others and from there he created his own style of strategies which finally brought him up to a successful business. 


   • Knowing where he stands

Speaking up this point you know am talking about grades here, that is, how wealthy or poor are you or how knowledgeable are you?

Thinking up about this fact really helps shape the minds about what to do and what you are capable of doing. This fact he knows so well because he experience it a lot of time more than he can count. When thinking of making strategies, the first thing he did is try to examine himself like a full-time scanner, knowing his mistakes and errors.

He had a lot of ideas coming up and steps in making up a successful strategy but he found out that he really doesn’t have the money and resources to make all of his ideas and thinking come true, he found out that even though he had all this awesome ideas it is nothing but a dream.

After noting this fact he was so down that he couldn’t even find the strength to eat that day. After the night rest and waking up the next day, he decided: Since he couldn’t make those his ideas come true because he doesn’t have the money and resources to do it, it’s better to just focus on what he can do with his current money and resources.

Fill up your knowledge on the heavy responsibilities of Entrepreneurs, it helps prepare the minds on what is to come.

   • Making more researches

Building up knowledge is all about knowing more things you don’t know, things that are new to you and things that are of importance to you. In the case of business, you would say knowing new ways of getting your customers.

As the saying goes: When the old ways dies down, the new ways come to live.

Meaning if your business strategy is no longer bringing out its former glory, you should know it is dying and you need a new one. Well, making up new strategies is making up researches on how to come about a new one.

>>>>> This fact he knows so well that he couldn’t count how much times he had fallen a victim to this. When he made out his first ever successful strategy he was so excited that he forgot the phrase: nothing ever last in this world. Well, at that point I think it’s normal for people not to care because it was his first success.

As time keep going he noticed that he is not getting what he used to when he first made out that so-called GOD blessing strategy he made, he was so confused but he comforted himself by saying: let me wait a little longer maybe everything will turn around again. Well, he finally got tired of waiting because his business is going down day after day.

He was so curious and confused why this is the case so he decided to make some researches about how his business is going in the public. Well, the results he got nearly made all the hair in his body stand straight like being shock with an electric. What he found out was just too much for him to handle at that time.

He found out that the strategy he was so proud of have become the main strategy other businesses are using right in the market, so no wonder he told himself that his business isn’t moving like before. The main question that comes up in his mind is: how exactly did they know?

Well, the answer is very simple: they also make researches on how to get to customers. So thinking up this point he knows he can’t keep up with his current strategy, he have to find out new ways to getting back to his customers.

     • Keeping a low profile

Thinking up this point people already started to criticize this point right from the start, probably everyone got a different opinion on that and some just don’t care to know what is about before they start to criticize the point. Well, keeping a low profile is not just about staying low.

In business you should know if you keep a low profile then definitely your business is going to collapse before she even see the light of her glory, but keeping a low profile just depends on how well you define the keeping a low profile. In here we ain’t talking about staying silent and waiting for your success to come but knowing when to make a move and when not to make a move.

>>>>> Thinking up this point he failed a different times in different ways, when he first started his business strategy all what he wanted to do is making his business public and getting customers to start coming right away, but that was his mistake he thought, business strategy is about knowing when to wait and when to act.

When he first started to think up the new ways of making up Strategies that would bring out the desired result, he had to learn how to keep calm, stay quiet and act. At first, he almost got unbalanced and impatient because the wait was getting too long and boring so instead of just wasting his time only on thinking up new strategies, he try to get along with his current strategy while also thinking up the new strategies.

When he finally got that new strategy he didn’t act right away, he had to still keep a low profile because he wants to familiarise himself with the new strategies and try to make more adjustment to it if needed but what really delays him is because he is waiting for the right moment to bring forth that strategy of his into the market.

You can learn how to become an unpredictable Entrepreneur, with that knowledge it becomes easy when trying to keep a low profile and acting.

   • Gathering up clues

When it comes to strategies, clues really comes in handy at any point in time. Clues in this sense is information which may lead one to a certain point or conclusion in other words its a piece of broken information. In business, clues are what comes and goes out of the blue if you ain’t able to keep a proper record of it or try to figure it out.

Clues can come in different ways and in the different form either through research, talking to friends or observing the things going on around you.

>>>>> Thinking up this point he knows just how important clues are but he never mind it at first because it wasn’t useful to him at that moment. He ignored the act that it can be helpful to him in the future or the later time because he really doesn’t need it at the moment but that was his mistake he thought, even if it was useless at the time it is still worth the time to think about it.

So what he did is start to take note of every clues he had before and now, at first he thinks it was really a waste of time since he is filling up his mind with different sort of informations until it actually comes in handy. When he first started to see the advantages of the clues he had right before thinking of starting up his business strategy, what he did is try to sit calm and start thinking up all the past clues he had.

It was so helpful to him to the point that anytime he ever had a clue about his business, he bring out a pen and write it down on his journal. By time he started to making out strategies it was so easy for him to do because he already have things to based it on.

   • Associating with people

This in other words can be also called making researches or gathering up clues, just another way of gathering up information useful for making up strategies. People are of different opinions and different desires, if you really wants to get to them then it’s just proper to chat with them and know them better from discussions.

Associating with people isn’t just about going up to your customers or an unknown person and try to ask how they feel or think about your business because that isn’t proper, not everybody got the time to waste and talk about your business so it’s up to you to think up ways to get them to talk about your business and from their discussion you find out what they like and what they don’t like, there you get to make strategies that fit into their way of life.

>>>>> He knows this fact so well because he is the type that likes to talk and associates with people a lot but at first he really didn’t know this fact could really help him a lot when making up Strategies. When he found out this fact could be so helpful to him another problem came up because he over used this key point by talking too much about his business to his friends making them bored anytime they talk to him.

So when he found out the negative impact this had with his friendship he tried to take it slow and talk about his business less with either his customers or friends. At first he really found it annoying that he doesn’t have the time to learn new things about his business but as he keep getting more close to his friends and customers he noticed that even though his customers or friends found talking about his business boring, they actually always bring up his business anytime they are about to end their chat leading to another talk about his business and other people’s business.

Check out how friends can really play an important role in your business success, sometimes it’s really nice to get your friends opinion about your business.

Making up strategies isn’t really easy but that’s if you haven’t found your way to it, you really have to think and know your own ways which is specifically for you alone.

Good luck.

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