5 Confusing Questions Faced By New Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs tend to be faced with different challenges when thinking of starting a business and during the business process. This is especially true for new Entrepreneurs who have no idea what to do and how to do it.

When thinking of starting a business sometimes it’s possible confusions come in the way even though you have a rough idea of how to start and how to go about it, it actually gets more complicated and complex as you keep getting involved.


Being an entrepreneur is really not just name, it’s really not easy to be a successful one, there are heavy responsibilities that befalls an entrepreneur. You can prepare your minds after knowing that.

Questions come in different ways and different understanding when affecting new Entrepreneurs:


    1. What to do?

This is quite a common question we ask ourselves when we feel totally confused about something especially when we don’t know the next steps to take.

As Entrepreneurs, you are bound with responsibilities and duties regarding your business, being confused about what to do is a common thing that happens most of the time especially when trying to advertise your business or product to customers you don’t even know.

This also occurs when thinking of starting a new business, you get confused on what to do at first, what business you should take part in and what aim you are trying to achieve from that (if it’s profitable or not).

Being confused about what to do can affect Entrepreneurs in various ways; disappointment, sadness, hopelessness, mental breakdown, headache, weakness, sleepless night and so on. It all actually depends on the type of situations you found yourselves in.

Knowing the 5 questions before starting a business can be helpful to new Entrepreneurs or anyone thinking of starting a new business, it helps lessen the question of what to do.

    2. How to do it?

If you are lucky enough to know what to do, the question how to do it actually pops up in mind. This mostly depends on your skills and techniques, but sometimes it involves learning when you have no idea how to do it.

The question how to do it not only happens to new Entrepreneurs but it’s also common among old Entrepreneurs (expertise). Sometimes, they might want to think of the new ways to make more customers and get them to come, so thinking of how to do it just pop up.

Like I said, it all depends on your skills and techniques but sometimes it also involves learning, you can’t do what you don’t know. When thinking of starting a business, taking into consideration what you can is mostly important.

You can put yourself into shape by learning how to build a stable foundation for your business, it really helps in the first to becoming successful.

    3. When to start?

You just got the ideas of how to do it, now you are faced with the question of when to start. This mostly depends on the available capital you have at hand or in bank.

Sometimes you might be blessed with ideas, skills and wisdom on how to go about your business, but you can be stuck if you don’t have the money to start, so delaying your business start-up just come in place.

This is not only limited to your capitals, but also your available resources. The type of business you want to do actually demands its own resources, getting it just happens to fall on the amount of capital you have at hand or in bank.

Being confused about when to start really can happen in different circumstances, examples can be when you are actually thinking of executing your business plans or strategies or when you are looking for an opportunity.

Knowing how to kick-start your business with a better plan just happens to lessen this confusion.

   4. Where to go?

Now that you have gotten the opportunity of starting your business, where to go just happens to be the next question that comes to mind. You can’t just sit around waiting for customers to come to your business, you have to go out there and take your business to them.

Being new as an entrepreneur, you get confused of where to go look for customers. You know and I know that customers just ain’t any people but people who are interested in your business, now you are faced with exactly where they are and where you can locate them.

This mostly occurs when thinking of places to advertise your product or business. You want to advertise in the best place possible and places that would yield out benefits, so where is that place?

This can be answered with time, effort and researches about your environment and the people. Making out strategies really helps a lot in this regard.

    5. Whom to tell?

Now you already got lucky enough to know where to go, so whom are you going to tell or whom are you suppose to tell?. Telling people about your products or your business is easy, but the bitter truth is, not everybody cares about what you offer.

This really can affect a new business greatly, because if you ain’t able to locate the people who cares about your business or your products then you have no choice but to shut it down.

Having friends really help in this matter, you can check out how friends play a major role in business success, am sure that can encourage you more why you actually need to involve your friends into your business.

Good luck.

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