Customers Are Your Business So Treat Them Better

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How to treat a customer

Customers are the source and hope of every businesses future, they are the steps to a successful business and a great Entrepreneur.

As Entrepreneurs, we all know the purpose of starting up a business is for the customers, we want to give them what they want and gain from them.

In every businesses, profit-making is the motive behind it and customers are the way of getting that profit, but it all depends on how they treat their customers.


Customers ain’t robot, they have feelings just like you and they have the freedom to choose what they want. They can either choose to abandon you or support you, but that decision-making all depends on how well you treat them.


  • Try to be gentle and calm

In treating customers, your behaviour matters a lot in everything. Nothing is perfect and you can’t be perfect when it comes to business.


Everything changes day after day, seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes, hours after hours and so on. So you really can’t be perfect in business because you have to keep changing as things keep changing.

When treating your customers, you have to be collected, gentle and calm. No matter how they behave, always reply them calmly and gently.

  • Be attentive and listen to them

When doing business there is bound to always be complaints from your customers, like I said: nothing is perfect.

Being gentle and calm plays its role when it comes to complains but what follows is attentiveness and listening. If you ain’t gentle and calm there is no way you would be attentive and listen to your customers complains.

If customers have any troubles or problems with your business, don’t get angry because of the way they talked but be attentive and listen to what they talk. There might just be one customer who complained but there would definitely be more in the future if you don’t pay attention and listen.

  • Never try to blame them openly

If you are the type in which your business is focused on offering services and products to people, then its high time you learn to never blame your customers even though it’s their fault.

Customers feedback is very essential in business because that’s what judges whether your future customers should come or go. It’s not possible to satisfy all your customers at once but it’s disadvantage for you to think it’s not possible.

It’s complicated, right?

Due to customer’s complaints, some might actually be caused due to their own carelessness and they wouldn’t care to blame that on the business but, must you blame them?

No, you shouldn’t.

Instead of blaming them, why not try to advice them on the proper ways to use your products or services, telling them that once they use it this way then you promise them they wouldn’t have any problems with it.

  • Try to be free with them

If you are actually one type of hot-blooded guy, then you are really in deep trouble if you don’t learn how to be calm and free with your customers or if you are an employee with that kinda attitude then be ready to be fired if you don’t change.

Customers like those that are free with them and ready to chat with them no matter what, they would feel like you are very dependable and a disciplined person.

  • Always think of them as Humans not profit

As an Entrepreneur, its a common thing to know that without customers there is no profit. Customers are the steps to profit-making, they lead your business to success but, is it right to treat them as a means to an end?

No, it’s not.


Humans have feelings, your customers have feelings, they know everything you do to them; they way you treat them, they way you see them, your attitude towards them and so on. They know everything, and as humans we all value respect so they also demand respect from you.

If you see them as a toy then they’re also going to treat you as a toy.

So always treat your customers well.

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