How To Become An Unpredictable Entrepreneur In Your Business

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Every Entrepreneurs like the feeling of being in full control, they like it when they feel everything is going perfectly well just as they have planned and they hate it when they feel someone can read and know their every moves.

We Entrepreneurs like the word surprise because it makes us feel good to know someone doesn’t expect what we did. We want to be our own bosses without someone else interfering in what we do.

So as an Entrepreneur, do you want to be your boss? Do you like the feeling of being in control? Do you want people to see you as a mystery hard to understand? Do you feel good when you surprised people?

Becoming an unpredictable Entrepreneur have a lot of advantages to it and some of a disadvantages too, but we don’t care anyways so long as we’re achieving that which we desire.

Alright then let’s get it over with:


  • Try to talk less

As Entrepreneurs, a calm and easy mind is always the best option when it comes to making decisions of our own. When it comes down to decision-making, a cool brain and calm mind always make the best decision.

Too much talking it’s no good for an Entrepreneur when it comes to making decisions and implementing them.


Sometimes you might keep talking you wouldn’t know when you were actually revealing your business secrets to others.

Talking too much it’s not a bad thing when you’re actually having fun with people close to you and the people you care about, but when it comes to business, let your brain do the talking and let your mouth implement it.

People would be like: Exactly what is this person thinking, I really wonder what’s going on in that brain of his.

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  • Be your own business

As Entrepreneurs, what we do is nothing else but business. Our major aim is trying to make our businesses successful, so there is nothing else that matters.

In becoming an unpredictable Entrepreneur, you should know how to act when dealing with your business, try to differential your personal life from your business.

The way you act towards your business really tells people more about your business.

As an Entrepreneur, let people see the differences in your behaviour when it comes down to business, let them know just how serious you are when it really comes down to business.

People would be like: When it really comes down to business, he really is a different man.

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  • Improve your Mental stability

As an Entrepreneur, if you really don’t have a stable mind then you’re going to lose control very soon that is, you won’t last long. A lot of things can happen in your business but if you really can’t take it all in then you really are going to loss.

In business, there are a lot of problems and issues to solve but you as an Entrepreneur you know you have to solve them all one after the other, then you really have to be calm no matter what happens.

No matter what happens, always take it with a straight face and calm mind believing there is always a solution to everything. Always think things through before doing it and no matter what happens don’t try to shift the blame to someone else but yourself.

People would be like: I really can’t understand him, no matter what happens he always take it with that straight face of his like he already knew this would happen.


  •  Always make sure to have a backup plan

As Entrepreneurs, we know we ain’t perfect and things can happen beyond our control, as such we just make a small plan for ourselves as an escape route.

Having a mental stability really depends on how prepared you are. Always know you ain’t perfect, that helps a lot when comforting yourself.

Always think otherwise no matter what you do, know that not everything last forever and no matter what you do, always leave yourself a small gap for escape.

People would be like: I really don’t get him, no matter what happens he always have a solution for it.

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  • Always know when to take a step back

As Entrepreneurs, we are very mindful of our limits, we know what we can do and what we can’t do but it doesn’t mean we are weak, it shows we are wise.

In everything you do, always consider your weaknesses and your limits, try to go around what you can do without going beyond what you are capable of, that’s just how to cover up your limits and weaknesses.

Don’t let people notice your limits by always staying true to yourself and always knowing when to back down and when to get up.

People would be like: There is nothing he can’t do.

In becoming an unpredictable Entrepreneur, there are a lot of things you have to consider but mainly two things are important;
Be calm and always take true to yourself.


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