The Heavy Responsibilities Of An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs ain’t just a name given to anyone who wants to start a business, but what really made you an Entrepreneur is your responsibilities as an Entrepreneur.

Before thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur, have you ever asked yourself if it’s actually an easy task to become an Entrepreneur, If it’s actually easy to maintain that title as an Entrepreneur?

Everything in life always have a responsibility that follows it so it’s no different from Entrepreneurs. As Entrepreneurs we are bound to the responsibility that connects us with our businesses, it’s something we can not escape no matter how hard we try unless we abandon that business.

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As new Entrepreneurs, there are two major effects that always follow your responsibilities; Too much thinking and Sleepless night.

Already getting confused about the two major effects? Well, let’s just keep reading.

Before going into details about the heavy responsibilities of Entrepreneurs, it is wise to know how hard it is for new Entrepreneurs to survive in the business world. As new Entrepreneurs we are just getting to know things from the scratch, we are just novice in the game and our minds are still that of a baby when it comes to business.

Responsibilities are what Entrepreneurs can’t escape, it gets heavy and it gets light.

  • The ability to control

As Entrepreneurs, part of our responsibilities is control. How good are you in controlling things? Just how capable and reliable are you in control? Do you think it’s actually an easy task to control things?

When it comes down to control, we Entrepreneurs are listed as the number one.


Well, because that’s what we based on.

As new Entrepreneurs it gets really hard to take control of things around you. If you don’t know what’s going on then how do you expect to control things to your own wish. Mainly there two effects this can cause you;

  1.  Too much thinking: What exactly do we use to take control of things, it’s our mind. ”Oh hey am not talking about supernatural powers here😂😂😂😂😂😂”. When thinking of control, you have to think in every possible ways to make it flawless.
  2.  Sleepless night: Another effects control can cause you as a new Entrepreneur is a very long sleepless night. After much thinking, you don’t expect to sleep peacefully at night, right?
  • Formulating of ideas

Ideas are what we based on as Entrepreneurs hoping to lead our businesses to success. That’s a natural responsibility bestowed upon you the moment you start your business. Oh well, you are into it, I tell you.

What are really ideas? How do you make that up? Just how easy is it to get new ideas and useful ideas?

As new Entrepreneurs, making out new ideas is easier said than done, there are two effects this can cause;

  1. Too much thinking: Ideas ain’t what is made by action but the brain. You have to think thorough and through all over again just to make it out to be perfect. Damn! You won’t stop thinking until you get that idea, sometimes headache is just the best helper for you to stop thinking.
  2.  Sleepless night: Without making out that idea there is no way you could sleep that night and even if you were able to sleep, you will keep dreaming about ideas.
  •  Making the perfect plans

Making out ideas is just a small version of the main responsibility, what really matters is how you plan it out. You know what plan is, right?

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Just how easy is it for you to make out plans? Oh that’s…well, i really can’t say but it can be easy and hard at the same time, it all depends. There are two main effects this can cause;

  1.  Too much thinking: When making out plans, you have to think to and fro from every corner possible just to satisfy you desire for making that plan of yours flawless. It’s really hard to make it perfect but once you do, you really won’t mind all the time and effort you spent on it.
  2. Sleepless night: You won’t sleep until that plan is well made and satisfactory.
  • Thinking up different strategies

Entrepreneurs really are men of strategy. You take that way and you take this way, always well planned and executed. As new Entrepreneurs you are bound to some of this responsibilities.

Exactly how difficult is it to make out strategy for your business? Is formulating it really that easy to make?.

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A strategy is a way of describing how you are going to get things done. Strategy generally involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. There are two main effects this can also cause;

  1.  Too much thinking: When formulating strategies for your business, it’s all about thinking. You have to think as much as you can until you formulate that strategy.
  2. Sleepless night: You won’t rest until you have formulate your strategies. Is it sleep, well your perfect response for sleep is, ”i will sleep once am done”.
  • Becoming Unpredictable in what you do

As a new Entrepreneur part of your responsibilities is trying to be unpredictable. If people are able to read and know everything about you then what is it you want to control or how is it possible to control things to your wish?

Unpredictable is one of the skills every new Entrepreneurs have to learn, you have to make yourself as unpredictable as possible in order not to make people read you as a magazine. Being unpredictable have many benefits and advantages to it.

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