Things To Know Before Thinking Of Starting Your Own Website

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Things really ain’t as easy as you think but you can only know that once you go into it.

If you are reading this blog post, I assume you already know what an online business is or maybe you’re already thinking of starting an online business then you have come to the right place.

Starting an online business really is a way of making money online. As you know, the world we are now is full of technologies, internet already makes it easier for you to communicate to far away people you never met before.

So then, before reading about “things to know before going into online business” what kind of online business do you want to specialise on?

Online business varies in different ways, at least I can guess there are more than 20 online businesses available right now which you can do.

Oops don’t laugh at me if i can only guess 20.

Once you have set your mind and goal on the type of online business you really are passionate about, good at or you think it’s easy to make more profit out there, then let’s get on with it.

Now that you already settled with the online business you want to do, you should know there are risks and gains, don’t think once you go into it people are going start dreaming about you.

There are things necessary you need to take note of, and in fact I will tell you the truth, depending on the type of online business you want to do: Online businesses is a lot stressful than other Businesses where you see your customers and your customers see you.


Because in an online business you try to communicate with people you can’t see or even know where they are from, you keep trying to look for means where you can get more customers, even go ahead to writing full details about your business or even trusting people you shouldn’t trust.

See now how online businesses are lot more stressful than other businesses?

But, online business is also a lot more fun than other businesses too.

You get to know new people, chat with them, get their opinions about your business, get new ideas, even have access to people you have no idea exist at all. Seriously, it’s a lot more fun if you have actually successfully established your business online and make name for yourself.

Alright let’s get to the point;

      • Hosting your website

If you are thinking of starting any commercial activities online then hosting your site is important. As someone who is ready to start an online business, hosting your website is very essential.

If you are confused on what hosting a website is all about, then check out this blogs on “How To Create A Website“. Most importantly you should ask yourself what kind of website you want to create; Blog, e-commerce, eBay and a lot more out there which are attractive to do.

There are two types of web hosting: Paid and Free web hosting.

A paid web hosting is when you pay the company you host your website on (you own your site) while a free web hosting is not paying at all for hosting your website (you do not own your site).

As someone who wants to go into an online business, what type of web hosting do you think is beneficial to you?

You should consider that when making plans on starting an online business.

     • Domain name

If you have read this blog on “How To Create A Website” then you would definitely know what a domain name is.

Domain name is a name given to your website to represent it, mine is ““.

That name sounds somehow, right?

Since you are starting an online business then you should think of a name to represent it, it’s like putting a brand on your online business.

Make it cool, attractive, short and pronounceable. Oh well I won’t be jealous if it’s cool than mine 😂.

    • Be mindful of your headlines/topics

You know what a headline is right? That’s a topic of what you want to present.

You should know: you can’t start an online business without writing something down. Something that makes people want to come to your website, something that attracts their interest and passion.

Hmm am still trying on that as well but it only gets more complicated the more time I think about it. I have changed the topic on my posts at least twice now, I just keep trying to make it more attractive.

So if you really are thinking of starting a successful online business, then you should keep thinking of how to attract people to your website through your headlines/topics.

Oh yeah, make sure you don’t think too much, it affects the brain sometimes.

      • Are you confident in yourself?

Ask yourself just how confident are you in what you do?

Going into online business really have a lot to do with confidence too, making a claim that you are best in what you do and what you offer, proving to them that you can do better than others out there, promising them they won’t be disappointed in you and a lot more (make sure to back it up).

You can only make all of that if you are confident about your business.

Mind you, don’t make claims of what you can’t do if you really want your business online to be successful and also if you want to avoid being cursed and abused for lying to them.

Oops, seriously that hurts more.

     • Not everybody is honest

If you are the kind of person who trust other people very easily then I would seriously advice you to be very careful of who you trust online.

Some freaking website out there will tell you to register with them, give them your full details along with your bank details and even go ahead to present people who have gain more than $500,000 from their site, telling you that within a month you will make $50,000 (shit).

Are you the type of person that like an easy money?

If you are that type of person then it’s no big deal if you fall for such tricks, at least you would learn your lessons but if you are not that type of person then I would advice you to reconsider your options before going into such things.

Don’t let greediness blind you in believing such things easily.

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