Working With Caring And Reliable Friends Is Always The Best Feeling

How friends can play a major role in business success

Friends are the easiest people aside from your family to consult with and speak with. As business itself it needs people to make it grow and develop, as a new business owner you want people to know your business and what your business offers, so aside from families who do you tell about your business?

Friends really play a major role in the growth of business especially new businesses, where you just start to take a step into the world of Business.

True, some of you might have connections with popular people whose businesses are famous or someone who is popular or rich taking fancy in your business and sponsoring your business, in that case you would think you don’t need to let friends know right?

Tell me something, are you the type that likes to depend on someone’s effort not yours?

Do you like the thought of being independent and having full control over your own business?

Making friends know about your business not only makes your business becomes popular among your friends and theirs but also solidify your ownership of the business, so instead of relying too much on someone’s effort, go out there and solidify your business standing because “entrepreneurs don’t live by dependency but independently

So why making friends your first customers benefit your business growth in the future?

    • Loyal and reliable

As a new business owner, you want customers that are loyal and reliable, right?

Your friends can make that possible for you.

Telling friends about your business and what your business offers even though it’s not something that some of them needs but because you are their friend they get curious about how good your business products is.

So how exactly do they become loyal and reliable?

Tell me something, why exactly do you tell your friends about your business? What exactly do you hope to achieve from that? Is it only because you want them to become your customers or you hope they could also tell their friends too?

When telling your friends about your business, you also add “you guys can tell your other friends too” and most of their replies would be “no problem we will tell them about it“.

That’s like making a free advert without spending money but because they are your friends, they will surely make their other friends know and even some of them might tell their friends too “Make sure to tell your other friends too“.

Isn’t that making your business popular amongst your friends and theirs?

    • Friendly feedback

As a business owner you need feedbacks about your product, you want to know what it is to know about how people feels about it and what it is that they don’t like about it.

Telling your friends about your business products will definitely lead to automatic feedback, you know what I mean right?

Sometimes you don’t have to ask before your friends tell you the exact thing about your product, your shortcomings as well as how to improve it.

Sometimes it can lead to debate among friends where they talk about what can make it better leading to new ideas and even make joke about it, they encourage you to keep it up.

     • Helps in advertising your business

Friends help each other right? So also friends can help you advertise your business as well.

As a business owner, advertising is one of your main objective you have to do to get more customers to your business, friends can assist you on that.


As friends you tend to help each other in times of need, in this world you should know: Friends help friends who would help them if they need it one day. As a business owner, you tell your friends to assist you in making your business progressive, telling them you would appreciate it if they tell their other friends too.

Ofcourse, they would help you with that, assuring you that they would do their best to convince their friends to check out your business.

     • Social connections

As a business owner, you need connections to various people to get your business going on smoothly, friends can help you with that.

I assume you all know how friends work, right? I mean you know some friends through another friend right?

Friends lead to new friends, telling your friends about your business and having them tell their friends about your business, all involves a certain connection.

You get to know new people through them and even making use of that connection to tell their friends to tell their friends too, they get to ask you questions and you giving them answers to their questions and even laugh it out between each other leading it to new friendship.

Isn’t that making you connect your business with various people? Yeah, all that is possible through friends.

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