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Starting a business alway has its own procedure you need to follow and one of that is making a business plan.

As an entrepreneur of your own business you need to consider very carefully the kind of business plan you lay out for your business. If you really want your business to be successful then making out a reasonable and proper business plan for your business is very important.

Now that you already know as an entrepreneur of your business you really need to make out a plan, so is it really very easy to make out that plan?

Making out a plan is like telling your business what it should do and what it shouldn’t. Your business is like a child needing to be nurture to a mature adult and it’s up to you to act as a parent.

How are you to nurture it and make it grow?

One of the ways to make it grow is by making out a proper business plan for it to follow, let it know where it’s going and what it should do in order  to survive.

Already thinking of what kind of plan is appropriate for your business growth?

Good! Here am going to give you details on how to make that proper plan your business wants; What you should do, what is needed of you, how to make your plan realistic and what is necessary to make that plan realistic.

Am only going to discuss all that, so after you’ve read all about what am going to write now, and you get eager of writing your own business plan then I would advise you to check out other blogs on how to write a business plan for your business.

  • Define your business motive

As an entrepreneur of your business, by now you should have a motive you want to achieve (profit). Some might have other motives but it’s ok.

When making out a business plan, defining your business motives is an act needed to be considered very carefully.

So how do you define your business motives?

Defining your business motives is like telling your business plan that this is what you want it to achieve, this is the reason for its creation.

Create an outline of your business motives (on a paper or somewhere more relevant); what you want to achieve in your business, what you hope your business would achieve for you in the future and how much you want your business to grow.

Make sure you write that down somewhere, make it like a law you must follow, so when writing up a business plan always look at your business motives, let it be the main key holding your business plans together.

  •  Do not aim for thorough perfection

You might have the thought of making your business plan flawless and perfect in all ways but, is it advisable?

Yeah! It is advisable to try to make your business plan flawless with no errors or whatsoever but aiming too high is going out of bound.

Am sure you all know nothing is perfect in this world except things Created By GOD, everything changes in this world, so you should have that in mind.

  •  Always make a research

As an entrepreneur, making research should be part of your day-to-day activities, make it your second habit to observe the things around you.

When making out a business plan, research is an important event you need to consider.

Learn what goes and comes around you, try to make your plan fit into your environment. Making your plan fit into your environment is making sure your plan influence the things around you.

So how do you that?

That can only be possible through research; what people want, knowing how to get in contact with the people, knowing what is popular in your environment and so on.

All of that can be made possible through research, so when making out your business plan, don’t just sit down and write but make research as well.

  •  Always have a back-up plan

I said earlier about avoiding a thorough perfection of your business plan, that’s why you need a back-up plan to make up for your lack of perfection.

As business is now, if you rely on just one thing alone then that is very bad because if that one thing you relied on so much later got to disappoint you, it will cost you more than what you bargained for.

So always make out a back-up plan for your business plan.

  •  Know your limit

As an entrepreneur of your business, you need to know your limit, know where you can stand and where you can’t.

When making out a business plan for your business, you need to consider your limits very carefully. You make a plan that’s achievable, a plan that you can do and not a plan that’s unachievable and you can’t do.

Always try to make a plan that’s within your power and authority, let it be what you are capable of doing and what you will do.

Don’t create a plan you can only dream of doing but can’t do. 

  • Always have your competitors in mind

When writing out your business plan, always think of your competitors as you keep writing.

Am not saying you should have some evil thought on how to deal with them and all that, but let them be a motivation for your business plan.


A competitor is someone else doing the exact same thing you are doing, so having them in your mind gives you every reason to try to surpass them.

So when thinking of making out your business plan, always think of them as well, compare your plans with what they are doing, try to make a plan that’s better than what they are currently doing and most important of all, always pay attention to their errors.

Oops don’t try to miss that chance if you ever got the chance.


  • Always see yourself as a competitor

Hm it does sound somehow when I said always make yourself a competitor, right?

Well, if you want to make a proper business plan then you have to consider that as well.

so why should you see yourself as a competitor?

The answer to that is very simple: You want to be perfect.

When writing out your business plan, one of your aims should be trying to make it as perfect as you can, so how can you do that?

By trying to look for errors in your plans. As a competitor you try to make things better than it already was, you try to make it more beautiful than it was and you try to make it more easier than it was.

So acting as a competitor to your plans is an easier way to do that, asking yourself questions as if you want to make a plan that surpasses your already made plans, and try looking for errors till you believe there is no more errors.

  • Make a final review

After making out all your business plans and putting into consideration what is to be considered, then the final thing left of you is making a review of what you did.

Nobody is perfect, sometimes errors might occur in an unbelievable way, so it’s necessary to make a final review.

Ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you did.

Don’t only review your business plan but also review your back-up plans as well. Make sure you are totally fine with what you did before putting it into action and making your plans become realistic.

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